Still Going Strong

Everything is still going quite well in the Coburn household. Raelene and I had a very nice and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday. Our plans to visit Visalia were canceled due to my mom getting sick, so we ended up having turkey sandwiches for dinner that Thursday. We did, however, have a full blown Thanksgiving feast with my sister Marcy and her new beau Dylan. Raelene cooked up a storm, while Marcy and Dylan provided desert. An awesome time was had by all.

Most of this week has been fairly quiet. Raelene had another prenatal visit yesterday, and the baby is healthy and happy and fine. Yea! Only 3 months left, we’re so excited. The parrots don’t seem to like the ever accumulating mound of baby stuff, but the dog seems to be quite happy with it. Speaking of stuff, I bought a handful of pink onesies with gamer-themed patterns from CafePress. My favorite is one that says, “I am a Gamer, Like my Father Before Me” (or something like that). Another has a bunch of dice pictured and it says, “Born to Roll.” Awesome stuff. šŸ™‚

This weekend is the Mickaboo Holiday Party, and Raelene is planning on doing a bunch of baking for that. It should be a lot of fun. On Sunday our friend Marsha is having a party, which should also be fun. Other than that, things are fairly quiet.

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