Someone I’m thankful for…

Ali Coburn is a truly amazing woman, and I’m lucky to have her as my friend and mother in-law. Here are some reasons why I’m thankful for Ali:

Ali is patient and loving. She opens her home to everyone in the family. The grandkids know they are safe and cared for and will always have something fun to do at Grandma’s house. The adult kids know that they can expect a warm hug, laughter, and compassion whenever they visit.

Ali is generous and thoughtful. For my first Christmas with the Coburn family, she sewed two holiday stockings: one for me and one for the dog. She managed to fill those stockings up with all sorts of amazing goodies to let me know that we’re loved and a welcome part of the family. I will never forget how special she made me feel that day.

Ali is thinking about us all year long. We get surprised with little presents when we least expect it. Last summer, I was having a particularly rough couple of days, and I got a surprise package in the mail that really helped lift me up. It’s not about the tangible objects, it’s the fact that someone loves you and finds unique way to show it.

Ali is genuine. She’s really excited to have another grandchild on the way, and she lets it show. When she makes time for a loved one, you know it’s because she wants to. Whens she listens to you or offers advice, you know she’s really present.

Ali is open-minded. We’re free to tell her anything and she doesn’t criticize. We can tell her funny jokes or stories and know she’ll be laughing with us. Her sense of humor is very refreshing.

All of these qualities make up one truly incredible woman, and I’m very, very lucky to have Ali in my life!

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  1. oh man! what a suck-up! 😉

    just kiddin’

    i know mom’s great.

    but i’m tellin’ ya, this isn’t the same woman that raised me (i know no one believes me). she’s definitely mellowed over the years.

    btw raelene – i know she likes you too and we are all really, really (no, really) happy wayne has you in his life.


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