Has it really been a year?

Has it really been a year since I made the jump from Academia to the real world? Yes it has, and I couldn’t be happier about the change. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Academia. But the real world has it’s perks as well, most of which don’t involve drawing analogies with Sisyphus.

Raelene and I had a quiet weekend. On Sunday we went window shopping for baby things, and I think we’re very close to finalizing decisions about car seats and strollers. My guess is we’re going to make a purchase sometime in the near future. I’ve also decided on which video camera we want, and there’s a chance we might have it try out over Thanksgiving.

We miss our GPS Navigation system, but we drove all over the south bay this weekend and found that we didn’t really need it. Sure, there are times when it would have been nice. But the combination of Google and AAA maps kept us from getting lost, and that’s what really matters.

The animals are all doing well. The Mickaboo PSA starring Jasper started airing November 1st, so hopefully we’ll have some serious interest in him here soon. Kiwi is as wonderful as ever, and there might be a potential adopter for her as well. Both birds are wonderful, and Raelene and I are going to miss them both when they go. But there’s no way we’re going to be able to take care of them and Zoe and Andre and the baby once the baby arrives.

I hope your Monday is a good one, and I wish you a wonderful week. Happy November!

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