It’s Friday! Yea!

Not much news, but then as usual that’s good news. Raelene and I are watching a small flock of parakeets next week, and it looks like they are set to arrive either Monday or Tuesday. Next Wednesday our foster bird Jasper, formerly of the San Francisco wild parrot flock, is going to be filmed for a Mickaboo PSA. He’s going to be a TV star! Kiwi is doing well, as is Zoe. Kiwi and Jasper are such wonderful birds, it’s hard to believe they have not been adopted yet.

Later this month is the last Endgame Minicon of the year, and I’m all signed up. It’s Scion:Hero in the morning, Seven Leagues in the afternoon, and Deadlands:Reloaded at night. All three games are being run by Good Omens GMs, a local group dedicated to running the best possible games at cons, so I’m stoked.

I’m still a little bummed that the Pendragon game came to a premature end. It was a very fun game, and I met some amazing people playing in it. As my friend Flavio would say though, “aww well, such is life.”

Raelene and Baby are still healthy and happy. In less than two weeks we should know the sex of baby Coburn. I can’t wait!

Have a great weekend!

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