Friday Once Again

It’s a cold and rainy Friday here in The City, and just as bad back home in the east bay. For commuters, Friday traffic usually moves quickly and is often referred to as “Friday Lite.” However, the combination of rain and dark made things snarl, and my AC Transit bus arrived in San Francisco 13 minutes after it was scheduled to. Well, at least the rain happened on a Friday Lite, and not a Monday. 🙂

Raelene and I have a busy weekend planned. On Saturday we’re meeting some friends for dinner, and on Sunday we’re going to a completely unofficial Post Punk Kitchen East Bay Picnic for a vegan pot luck. Or at least we’re supposed to go to the picnic on Sunday, I imagine we might re-think things if it is still raining.

All the animals are doing well. Jasper enjoys hanging out on top of the budgie cage, but luckily the budgies don’t seem to mind. Kiwi has been a bit clingy of late, and Zoe is of course always a joy. Hopefully we’ll be able to find homes for both Kiwi and Jasper before the baby is born. Otherwise we might have to find new foster parents for them.

Raelene and the baby are both doing great, and Raelene is really starting to glow. We find out the sex of the baby next week, and we’re both very excited about that.

That’s about it. Enjoy your weekend!

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