All is Well

Raelene had a doctor’s appointment today, and all is well with the baby. She was even able to hear our little one’s heartbeat. Yea! We should find out the baby’s sex on the 17th (no, we’re not going to wait), and everything is on track for a March 1st delivery. I’m so excited!

We’re slowly adjusting to no longer being on vacation. It was a very nice couple of weeks, especially since we were able to spend them together. All the animals are home. Zoe learned a bunch of new noises while we were away, and Andre was obviously spoiled at my parent’s house. But things are slowly slipping back into their normal rhythm.

This morning on the very long bus ride into work (over 3 hours), I spent a lot of time thinking about public transit in France. It’s simply better there, especially in Paris. Unlike BART, where trains run every 15 minutes during peak hours and every 20-30 minutes off-peak, the Paris Metro trains run every 2-3 minutes. That means you spend a lot less time standing around on train platforms, which is great. The Paris Metro is also a heck of a lot cheaper. Even with the lousy exchange rate, we were able to go anywhere in Paris for about $1.50 a person… less than half the $3.60 I have to pay if I want to take BART into the City. Yea, I would really love to live and work in a place that has a real public transportation system.

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