Happy Wednesday

I hope all is well for everyone on this cold and rainy morning in July. Yes, I said cold and rainy. I know, it never rains in California in the summertime. Well, it certainly was this morning. Oddly enough, the morning commute wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be. I arrived in San Francisco a little later than normal, but I was able to catch my usual shuttle into work. So all in all I was unaffected. Hopefully my luck will continue this evening.

Overall things are quiet. Last night I played Pendragon, which is always fun. Raelene is still feeling a little sick, and has been having serious allergy attacks. That’s not goo. Jasper, the former member of the San Francisco wild parrot flock, is continuing to adjust to life in the living room.  He’s still a bit cranky at times, but he’s stepping up and accepting neck skritches. That’s a good sign. Andre continues to look cute in his summer haircut, and Zoe and Kiwi are doing fine as well. So I’d say that right now everything is pretty good in the Coburn household.

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