George of the Jungle

We certainly had a hectic week and busy weekend.

Last Tuesday, a Mickaboo mitred conure named George came to stay with us for a month while his foster dad was out of the country. Well, George (affectionately nicknamed ‘George of the Jungle’ by us) has a very strong personality that’s pretty much always turned all the way up to eleven. By Wednesday he had Raelene in tears, and we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to help him. We were able to use some birdie psychology, along with lots of love and attention, and bring out his nicer side. The poor little guy has a lot of issues though. He was obviously horribly abused and neglected at one point, and he’s plucked himself nearly bald. The only feathers left are a few flight feathers on his wings, a few tail feathers, and the feathers he cannot reach on his head. It’s sad that someone would torture an animal to that point, but people do.

On Sunday, a Mickaboo volunteer came over to pick  up Jasper, a cherry headed conure formerly of the San Francisco wild flock that we were watching. While she was over she agreed to help Raelene and I trim George’s nails, but the simple act of wrapping George in a towel left him bleeding and bruised. That isn’t normal, so George went home with her and is off to the vet today. This also meant that Raelene and I have a new long term foster name Jasper. So everyone, please say hello to the latest addition to our household, Jasper the cherry headed conure. I will try to get some pictures of him up in our gallery here very soon.

On Saturday a nice family came to visit Kiwi, and they might be adopting her. I will be really sad to see Kiwi go, she’s once of the sweetest, gentlest birds I’ve ever met.

Other than that, things were pretty quiet last week. Of course there’s nothing quiet about a rambunctious mitred conure, but at least that was the worst of it. ~smiles~

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