Congratulations Lee!

I just got word that my buddy Lee and his wife are expecting another little girl. Congratulations Lee! That’s great news. Nadia is going to love having a little sister, I’m sure. 🙂

Our life isn’t quite as exciting, but it’s getting there. One thing I’ve learned is to never let yourself be outnumbered by parrots. It’s a bad idea. But Raelene and I are handling having 3 parrots in the house fairly well. Jasper is getting more and more socialized around people, which is good for him given his disability. Jasper is a former member of the San Francisco flock. Unfortunately he was infected with a neurological disorder that has left him wobbly, and now he’s one of our Mickaboo foster birds. It is really amazing how fast Jasper is adjusting to life with people, which shows what a disservice to the flock it is to feed them. Raelene and I had fun the day we fed the flock in Ferry Park, but had we known the scope of the problem we would not have participated. The good thing is a ban on feeding the wild parrots goes into effect next Monday, which should help keep them wild and healthy.

This weekend is a very full weekend for us. On Saturday I am going to the summer minicon at Endgame. I’m really excited about it to. As always, they are offering a fantastic assortment of games, and I had a hard time choosing which ones I wanted to play in. In the end I signed up for Exalted in the morning, Paranoia XP in the evening, and zombie apocalypse version of Dogs in the Vineyard at night. Expect a full review on zombler sometime next early next week.

On Sunday, Raelene and I are going to a vegan picnic in Berkeley with some people she met in a vegan online forum. It’s going to be an afternoon of fun, sunshine (hopefully), good people, great conversation, and fantastic cruelty free food. Hopefully Raelene will post a “picnic report” here early next week as well. 🙂

And that’s about it. Happy Wednesday!

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