What a Wild Ride

Sorry it’s been so long since our last update. I try to write something every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but unfortunately that schedule sometimes slips.

Our weekend was fairly quiet. I spent Saturday at a small RPG convention in Oakland. It was a lot of fun, very energizing and revitalizing. I played two games, each was six hours long. The first was an Exalted game, which is always a blast. I do love Exalted. The second was a World of Darkness: Mortals game (if you know anything about the new world of darkness, this game had no vampires, mages, werewolves, etc.), which was also a blast. All told I was in the game store for over 12 hours, and when I got home my voice was nearly gone. It was a good day.

On Sunday Raelene and worked around the house, going through boxes and cleaning things. I got rid of my old computer desk, freeing up a lot of space in the office. Raelene made several vegan test recipes, including biscuits and gravy. Yep, I said vegan biscuits and gravy. They were pretty darn good, too.

Right now we have two guests living with us; George the mitered conure, and Jasper, formerly of the San Francisco flock. We are fid-sitting Jasper for the rest of the week, and George for the next month. So it’s a zoo at home, with Andre unsure who’s birdie butt he wants to sniff first. šŸ™‚

What else… After a long break I’m going to be playing Pendragon again tonight, and Raelene has her drumming class tomorrow evening. We’re both happy that a judge finally dismissed the $54M lawsuit against the dry cleaners in Washington D.C., sad about how Chris Benoit’s life ended, and hope that we never have to hear anything about Paris Hilton ever again. And that’s about it for now. I will try to return to my regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow.

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