Weekend getaways are wonderful…

…especially when they’re with the one you love.

Wayne and I had an incredible stay in Pt. Reyes. We slept in the beautiful garden room at the Abalone Inn, where we were able to shower in the solarium, have a private breakfast in the garden, and soak in a hot tub. Donna, the proprietor, took excellent care of us, and even took time out of her busy morning to let us meet her chickens. Baby chickens are the cutest!

Our days were filled with many adventures, including a walk to the lighthouse (many, many steps!), oyster tasting (one was enough), and a visit to the famous Cowgirl Creamery. Perhaps my favorite time was spent sharing picnic lunches with Wayne. This allowed us quiet time to reflect on the past year and simply enjoy each other’s company.

On our drive home, we found a park that reminded us very much of Quail Hollow Ranch. We stayed there for lunch, shared some cupcakes, and re-read our marriage vows. All in all, we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, and I certainly could not have asked for a better (life and travel) companion. I love my husband!

PS. Photos of our weekend are in the gallery. Be sure to check out pictures of the adorable Mr. Zoo, the ocean views, and the green frog who paid us a visit.

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  1. It was a lot of fun, and you should definitely check out the photo gallery!

  2. I saw the photo album first, after viewing the ultrasound snapshot, and started “flipping” through the great pictures. I am impressed with the really nice images and the beautiful location. I searched back in your archives to find the entry that must have talked about it. Looks like I found it. I might have to get the info from you on this place sometime. Looks wonderful. Is it north or south of SF?

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