Another week for the books

I can’t believe another week has come and gone. Yikes, time really does fly. ~smiles~

Things are fairly quiet at Casa de Coburn. Andre is nearly recovered from his surgery. All he needs now is his stitches removed and a good bath, and he’ll be all better. Yea!

Zoe and Kiwi are heading to the vet tomorrow (Saturday) to get their wings and nails trimmed. Or as Raelene puts it, they’re going to the “spa” for a “mani-pedi”. šŸ™‚ Neither bird is trying to fly right now, although both have had some flight feathers grow in since their last manicure. The main reason we’re heading to the vet is for the nail trims. Both parrots have earned then nickname “Ms Needlefeet”. Ouch!

I’m still giggling from our Pendragon game last night. Greg, who normally runs the games, is out of town right now, so his wife Suzanne ran last night’s game. It was a smaller group than normal as well, so the games was supposed to be some light hearted knight errantry, nothing too difficult or deadly. On one of the short warm-up adventures, we heard that King Arthur has been kidnapped by evil magic and needed to be found. Oh no! So we rode off in search of our beloved king, eventually finding him near a small river. None of the bad guys were too tough, and things should have gone fairly smoothly… except for the fact that none of the players (myself included) could make a roll. Now, you expect to miss sometimes, that’s why you roll dice. But we were missing every time. My pretend knight was swept downriver not once, but twice, and the nameless evil knights wiped us out before we could save the king. Oh no! I can only imagine Greg’s reaction if he found out that we’d killed off King Arthur early and ended the game while he was on vacation. ~smiles~ Good thing it’s all make believe. Suzanne was able to narrate how the king was saved (pagan magic cast by Nimue, one of the Ladies of the Lake), and we decided to stop there. It was a lot of fun.

Only one more week until our paper Anniversary!

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