It’s Hot!

It’s hot here today. It was hot here yesterday, with a high of 91F, and it’s going to be hot here tomorrow. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the hot that much. 🙂

Raelene and I had a good weekend despite the heat. On Saturday we went to the Pinole Farmers Market, which was fun, and Raelene checked out the scrap booking store next to the market as well. On Saturday evening I grilled a whole pile of veggies, which we ate with tortillas while we drank margaritas. It was a nice way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I also made a huge pot of vegan chipotle chili for meals this week, as well as grilling extra veggies for sandwiches.

Sunday was a quiet day, mostly spent indoors because of the heat. Raelene made a wonderful dinner of fresh green bean and tomato salad, the first vine-ripened farmers market tomatoes of the season for us. She also made a wonderful polenta with a mushroom sauce. Yummy. It was definitely more of a cold weather meal, but it was enjoyable and tasty nonetheless.

It looks like the connector from 80-West to 880-South in the MacArthur maze has been opened. This is the piece of freeway that the failed piece of free feel on. Late last week they were saying it was going to be 7-10 days before it was re-opened, but I guess things went really well this weekend because there were cars on it this morning. The ramp from 80-East to 88-South, the piece of freeway that melted and fell down, is still missing a piece of roadway and is closed. But things are almost back to normal now that the other freeway is now open.

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