It’s Freezing!

Yes, I know, I’m always tired and never satisfied with the weather or my commute. ~smiles~ And it’s actually not that cold, although after the last few days it certainly feels like it is. I didn’t bring a sweater into work with me this morning, and I have a feeling I may regret it. All told though, I think I’d rather be a little cold than melting in the heat.

So far this week is going okay. Both Zoe and Kiwi, our parrot and Mickaboo foster parrot, are doing okay. Andre, the poor little guy, hurt his back over the weekend and now can’t jump up on the couches he so loves. He’s slowly getting better, which is good, and Raelene and I are now on dog lifting duty. We’re not sure how he hurt his back, but he is getting older and so these things do happen. I think it’s time for us to get him some stairs to make it easier for him to get on and off the bed. It’s a lot taller than our old bed, and the added height might have had something to do with Andre injuring himself.

Work continues to go well. Raelene has only a couple of weeks left before the end of the semester. Then she has a nice long break, followed by summer school. My next holiday is at the end of the month, and I’m starting to really look forward to it. In June is the GO Con, followed by an Endgame minicon in mid-July and the Simpson’s Movie in late July. Yes, I am a nerd. ~smiles~

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  1. You need to read the blog more, then! šŸ™‚

    GO Con and the Endgame minicon are small scale role playing game conventions. I spend the day in a game store not unlike “Game Empire” or “Old Towne Games” in sunny San DIego, and play role playings games similar to but completely different from Dungeons and Dragons.

    The Simpson’s Movie is, of course, a movie version of the popular TV show The SImposons.

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