Happy Friday!

It’s Friday! The weekend is almost upon us! Yea!

Raelene and I don’t have any major plans for the weekend. On Saturday it’s the Berkeley Farmer’s Market, and on Sunday it’s a trip down to 4th Street in Berkeley. I might try to work in a pilgrimage to Endgame in Oakland as well, but that’s unlikely. ~smiles~ And other than firing up the grill at least once this weekend, that’s about it.

Andre is doing a lot better. He’s still not jumping onto things as often as normal, but last night was was feeling good enough to jump up on the bed with us. Zoe and Kiwi are both feeling a bit neglected due to my long hours, so I’m going to try and spend time with them. I wish they were tolerant of each other because then I could have them both on shoulders and not worry about it. But neither bird likes the other, and if given the chance they will try to chase each other off.

And that’s about it for now. Happy Friday!

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