Finally Friday

It’s Finally Friday! Yea!

Another big piece of news for this week, my sister Marcy is moving back to California! She finished college this past month, which is wonderful, and has now accepted a job in Watsonville. Watsonville is a bit far from where Raelene and I live, but not so much so that we wont be able to visit ever so often. My hope is to either get down there or Marcy up here once a month to once every other month. Hmm, maybe we can plan some meetups with our cousin Gianna in Oakland. That would be cool.

Other than that things are quiet. Raelene is busy finishing off the semester and planning an East Bay PPK meetup. I’m working, blogging, reading on the bus, and getting ready for the two summer gaming mini-conventions in Oakland. We’re going to the Pinole farmers market this weekend, and doing some general housecleaning. Hopefully we’ll be able to make time to take some walks (it’s my fault when we don’t walk on the weekends, and I need to work on that).

Happy Friday!

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