Back to Normal on the Freeways

Well, the post-freeway collapse commute honeymoon is over. The last couple of days have been bliss as everyone avoided the freeways, and my bus commutes have been short and painless. Heck, on Monday my commute was free. 🙂 But this morning everyone was back out on the freeways, and to make things worse the weather decided to rain as well. So I had another record long commute this morning. The only good thing is I was able to read a couple of chapters in my Scion:Hero, which was cool.

This past weekend was pretty much as Raelene said it would be last week. On Saturday we went to the Pinole farmers market and ran errands. On Sunday we drove up into Marin County, and went to the San Rafael Farmers Market. Wow, that is a *very* nice Farmers Market, much better than the Berkeley Farmers Market. Needless to say we had a lot of fun, and came home with some good stuff.

While in Marin County, we stopped by the Corte Madera Barbecues Galore and picked up a tabletop grill for our patio. On Sunday evening I grilled up some vegetables and fajita spiced seitan, and drank really awesome margaritas while doing it. The weather was mild, the grill was hot, the drinks were cold, and I had a lot of fun. 🙂 I’d forgotten how much fun it is to grill things…

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