All Quiet on the Homestead Front

There isn’t a whole lot happening right now, so I will try to keep this fairly short.

First off though, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our good friend Julia Kregenow! Last Monday she finished with her dissertation, and now is officially Dr. Kregenow. Congratulations Julia!

Next month is Raelene and my’s Paper Anniversary, and we are planning on celebrating it at a small bed and breakfast in an out of the way part of Marin county. After the trials of past year, it will be nice to hole up for a weekend and do nothing but enjoy being married to each other.

Speaking of being married, Raelene and I are also starting to plan our long delayed honeymoon. The destination? France! If things go as planned, we will be spending two weeks in Paris and Provence. We are trying to prioritized what we want to see and do, so if you have any suggestions please let us know. Raelene likes flowers, gardens, farmers markets, and lemons, while I prefer old monasteries, castles, and the Knights Templar. Hopefully we’ll be able to find lots of old monasteries that now host farmers markets!

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