A single vehicle crash caused a vital piece of east bay freeway to collapse onto another vital piece of east bay freeway this morning. This area, called “the maze”, is where the Bay Bridge dumps into the east bay, and is where a half dozen freeways connect and split off. It’s a commuters nightmare on the best of days, and, wow. At least no one was killed in the explostion.

Of course it does mean I have to rethink my commute. I normally take the bus, and according to the maps of the disaster I’ve seen the freeways I take are unaffected. But I imagine it’s going to be a good time to catch up on my reading, and that my already long commute might get even longer. At least I always have the expensive option, which is taking the Richmond Bridge into Marin, and then the Golden Gate down into San Francisco. That’s easily the fastest route to work for me, cutting my commute in half. But with the double bridge toll, it’s also the most expensive way to work.

I guess I will see what happens tomorrow. Supposedly AC Transit will still be running, even if they can make no guarantee on their schedule.

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  1. Wow. I remember you mentioning “the maze” before but thought it was on the west side of the Bridge. Sounds like you got a free ride and some easy commuting days out of the deal! I suppose other people’s commutes who actually use the “vital piece”s where not as blissful.

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