Is it Thursday already? Wow, how time flies. ~smiles~

Nothing all that new or exciting to report. Raelene has finally finished recipie testing for the vegan cookbook The Veganomicon, which is due out before Christmas. Raelene isn’t writing the book, she’s just testing recipes for the authors. There have been some highs and lows, but it’s been a lot of fun and I’ve had some really good dinners. She finished off with a vegan version of that hazelnut chocolate spread from Europe, which she really liked. It was a little too hazelnutty for me, though. I’m sure we’ll be posting something here about The Veganomicon when it comes out, especially since Raelene’s name should be inside as one of the testers.

I’m still giddy over last weekend’s minicon. I wish they had them every month. ~smiles~ Thursday nights I play in the Great Pendragon Campaigh game, though, so I’ll get my gaming fix soon enough. My current Pendragon character is the son of my 1st successful character (successful meaning he didn’t die in his first few sessions), a half-fey knight with uncontrolable lust. He’s fun to play, although his weak constitution means falling off his horse can lead to a several month recovery. Yikes! I have a feeling he’s going to be slain here soon. Luckily his lust means he’s already had 8 children, so I’ll have plenty of bastards to play in a few game decades.

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