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It’s Friday, the weekend is almost here. Yea!
It’s April 6th, the Endgame minicon is almost here. Yea!

I’m really looking forward to playing some RPGs tomorrow. I ended up dropping out of the Spirit of the Century game, partyly because it it’s a late game (8PM to midnight) and I’m still a little sick, and partly because I read the description a little closer and realized that the “Lost” in the title was a reference to the TV show “Lost”. I also realized the GM was planning on doing some strange variant stuff, none of which I found particularly appealing. When it comes to gamers, you have to be careful when someone starts talking about how cool alternate setting is, or how awesome their homebrew rules are. His stuff might be cool, sure, especially if he’s a published author. But it’s much more likely that his stuff isn’t that great, and that he’s using it as an excuse to talk about how clever he is. In the worst cases it leads to very strange and disturbing places, like when he starts showing you the erotic pictures he’s drawn of the cast of the Harry Potter moves. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Back to happier things, tomorrow I’m definitely playing in a Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM) anime-style game set in San Francisco. I’ve never played BESM, so I’m really looking forward to it. In the afternoon I am playing in an Esoterrorists game, which should also be fun. The Esoterrorists is getting a lot of flack from people, myself included, because it falls far short of it’s claims that it is going to revolutionize gaming. But before I dismiss it entirely as the narcissistic ramblings of the game’s author, I wanted to play it. So this is my chance, and I’m looking forward to it.

I’ll try to post something this Sunday about how it went, so watch this space!

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