Happy April 4th!

Raelene is in the middle of spring break right now, so she decided to spend the day in Santa Cruz getting her truck worked on and generally goofing off and enjoying herself. I have to admit I envy her. ~smiles~ Not that I mind working in the Presidio, mind you. It’s a beautiful place. My office window opens, so I get plenty of fresh air during the day, and better still the window faces in such a direction that I can leave the blinds open and still read my computer monitor. It’s great! Office windows that open, what a novel idea!

Speaking of work, the urinal in the men’s room where I work now flushes! For the first time in months (years?) there’s not more bucket hanging on the dead flusher. Yea! Thank you Presidio!

Raelene and I both are finally starting to get over our colds. I’m still coughing a lot and am really tired, but I haven’t had a fever since Monday night. Raelene’s back is still sore and she’s coughing quite a bit as well, but she hasn’t had a fever since early last week. So we’re both coming through to the end of it. I’m happy about that.

This week is a bit busy, so we’re planning on having our Passover seder on Sunday.

The animals are all doing very well. Zoe’s hatch-day is next week (April 10th), so we’re getting ready to celebrate that. Kiwi has gotten in the habit of squeaking “goodby” to me each morning as I leave for work. It’s cute. And Andre is as loveable as ever. He was supposed to get a haircut last Friday, but the groomer had to cancel at the last minute. So he goes in for his summer shave this Friday.

And that’s about it!

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