Fridays are the best

Happy Friday!

I guess the big news is Raelene and I are once again an auntie and uncle. We don’t have much by way of details yet, but Raelene’s cousin Michele and her husband Bill had a baby boy. Welcome to the world Tristan Kirk Smith, and  many congratulations to his joyful parents!

While I am sure that everyone is tired of reading my rants about AC Transit and the transbay buses, I thought I would share that this morning I was on the bus that passed a earlier bus from the same line. We arrived at the transbay terminal only a few minutes before the bus that runs 15 minutes earlier, but at least it was a small victory. Of course it didn’t fully dull the pain of spending over an hour on the upper deck of the Bay Bridge due to multiple car stalls, but it made my 2 1/2 hour commute this morning a small bit nicer.

And that’s about it. Raelene and I are both looking forward to a nice, quiet, restful weekend with the animals. It should be fun.

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