Back to Work

It’s Monday, and back to work for both Raelene and I. Aww well, such is life I guess. 🙂

I had fun at the RPG mini-con this past weekend. I played in three spectacularly awesome games, and had a lot of fun. Yes, I said three. As mentioned before, I played in the BESM and Esoterrorists games, but I also played in The Shab-al-Hiri Roach. The Shab-al-Hiri Roach is a game that asks the question, “Are you willing to swallow a soul-eating telepathic insect bent on destroying human civilization? No? Even if it will get you tenure?” I’ve been intrigued by The Roach for some time now, but have been reluctant to play because of my recent career change. Luckily though, one of the players was *way* out there. He forced the game to go in a a moderately direction, but at the very least it kept us as players from getting anywhere near what academic life is really like. I look forward to playing it again, but with slightly different group of people. That said, it was a fun game, and I’m well over my fear of The Roach.

I’m glad I got to play in the Esoterrorists game, because it reinforced my initial impressions from reading the book. It’s a good game, but not a great one. Kennith Hite is a great game designer, and I’m sure whatever he comes up with as far as The Trail of Cthulhu is going to be good. But I can’t imagine it being better than Chaosium’s original The Call of Cthulhu.

The BESM game was fun, and I certainly wouldn’t mind playing it again if given the chance.

Sunday was very quiet. I got home late on Saturday, and woke up relatively early on Sunday, so I was pretty wiped out all day. I managed to get a lot of house work done though, and my sweetie got a lot of her school work done. So it was at least a productive day.

We’re still loving the new bed, it’s worth every penny we spent on it. You should go to Mancini’s Sleep World and get one for yourself.

The animals are doing well. Andre’ got a haircut on Thursday, and so he’s summer-shaved cute. Kiwi and Zoe were both suffering from me being gone all day Saturday, but I managed to work in some time with them on Sunday. Hopefully I can work in plenty of time in the evenings over the next few days, and get them back to normal.

And that’s it. Happy Monday!

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