It’s Friday! Whoot!

Raelene and I have a nice weekend planned. Tomorrow we’re going to visit friends down in San Jose, and on Sunday I’m going to make a very special and romantic dinner for my wife.

We also have a number of errands to run, including hopefully buying a new bed. We went to Sleep Train a few weeks ago and had a really bad experience. The salesman who tagged us as “his” when we walked in couldn’t be bothered to get up, so he kept yelling at us across the showroom. This included some personal questions about how we slept that I was not comfortable yelling answers to in full of strangers. It wasn’t until we left that he got up, and that was to try and convince us he could give us a good deal. But by then we’d had enough, and the super-high pressure sales made us flee the place even faster. Shame on you Sleep Train, you might have otherwise sold us a bed that day. Instead we’re going to go someplace else.

In othe news, I’m starting to get really stoked about the “minicon” at Endgame next April. So excited I think I’m the first person to have signed up for games. 🙂 The minicon is a small, one day event at a game store in Oakland, where geeks from across the bay area gather together for 14 hours to play role-playing games. I’ve been three of them now, although I had to leave early last time, and they are a whole heck of a lot of fun. They also have room for board and other types of games, although it’s chance to play different RPGs with new people that I really like. If you like to game, this is definitely an event worth checking out. I’m sure I will be blogging about it more in the weeks to come.

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