Happiness is…

We have a new houseguest. Her name is Geneva, and I fear I may have fallen in love with her. Geneva is from the famous San Francisco flock. She has some neurological challenges, and is therefore in foster care through Mickaboo. Even though she’s a bit wobbly, she looks forward to her apples and carrots and eats with gusto. A couple times a day, I hold her in my lap and scratch her head and neck, and she ruffles her feathers and makes the sweetest happy noises. If you need a new outlook on life, a special needs bird will really help.

Wayne spent the better part of yesterday in the kitchen, preparing a delightful belated birthday dinner for me. The menu included thai spring rolls with three dipping sauces, an amazing pad thai with just the right amount of kick, and lemon-macadamia cupcakes with a very zippy (and cute!) lemon icing. Everything was so beautiful and so delicious, and I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday meal. I’m a very lucky woman.

Photos of last night’s meal are in the gallery…take a peek!

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