Back on Schedule

And now for the regularly scheduled Wednesday update….

Unfortunately there’s nothing all that new to write about at the moment. Raelene is feeling a little better, although she is still very sick. 🙁 I’m not feeling all that great today either, but it is probably from a lack of sleep and general stress and not illness. Hopefully tonight will be better.

The mini-con at Endgame is in less than two weeks now, and I am very excited about that. Hopefully I will be able to work watching a Chinese martial arts movie into the coming weekend to help me get prepared. Unfortunately the Jet Li film Tai Chi Master is still unavailable on DVD in the US. It is easily one of the best martial arts films ever made, if not the best. Hopefully Tai Seng will release it at some point, although I’m not going to hold my breath. ~smiles~

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