Another Bad Morning

Well, I had another record long commute this morning. And no, it wasn’t because of some bad accident on the bay bridge. I hopped on the early bus this morning because I wanted an early start, but unfortunately the AC Transit driver wasn’t in as big a hurry as the rest of us were. She stayed in the carpool lane, which by 7AM is the slowest way to get into the bay bridge toll plaza, and were were passed by not one, but two buses from the same line. Yes, we were passed by the bus that left 15minutes after we did, and the bus that left 30 minutes after that. And yes, that means I could have slept in an extra 45 minutes this morning and still made it to work before I did. And it was all because the bus driver insisted on staying in the car pool lane.


Such is life as a commuter in the bay area I guess. At least the KBLX morning show DJs I was forced to endure on the Presidi-Go shuttle didn’t announce that AC Transit was running on time. They just mercilessly mocked fat people.

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