Spring Break!

Next week is spring break for one of us, I’ll let you guess for whom. 🙂

It looks like I’ve caught the crud that Raelene has, although not nearly as bad. I’m feeling a but run down and feverish, but at least it’s not in my lungs. It does mean we’re going to have a very quiet weekend though, as I have to try and get better Monday. Not only can I not afford to take any days off work if we’re going to vacation in France this fall, but Monday is when the software project I’ve spent the past months working on gets turned on. It’s a really huge day for me, and I can’t afford to miss it.

Back on Schedule

And now for the regularly scheduled Wednesday update….

Unfortunately there’s nothing all that new to write about at the moment. Raelene is feeling a little better, although she is still very sick. 🙁 I’m not feeling all that great today either, but it is probably from a lack of sleep and general stress and not illness. Hopefully tonight will be better.

The mini-con at Endgame is in less than two weeks now, and I am very excited about that. Hopefully I will be able to work watching a Chinese martial arts movie into the coming weekend to help me get prepared. Unfortunately the Jet Li film Tai Chi Master is still unavailable on DVD in the US. It is easily one of the best martial arts films ever made, if not the best. Hopefully Tai Seng will release it at some point, although I’m not going to hold my breath. ~smiles~

What happened to Monday?

Sorry for the lack of an update on Monday, but I was tired!

We didn’t get as much done this weekend as we would have liked, unfortunately. We started off okay at first. On Saturday we did some general housekeeping and grocery shopping, mostly done by me since Raelene still has a lot of back pain and is now also very sick. She went to the doctor yesterday and was prescribed some high potency cough syrup and kick butt antibiotics, but she needs your love and healing energy as well! So please send it along.

On Sunday we were supposed to head down to Santa Cruz for the open house at Quail Hollow, but our neighbors decided that they were going to have a VERY loud and VERY late party instead. ~sigh~ We also discovered that the security guards in the complex, which are advertised ast 24/7, go home at 10PM. We were finally able to get the police out to the apartment complex at 4AM, but by that time we’d lost a night’s sleep. I hate our neighbors, and am looking forward to moving out of Richmond and into an area with higher quality people.

Needless to say Raelene and I missed the open house, and were otherwise fairly worthless on Sunday. We went to bed right after the Simpsons we were so exhausted, and a lot of that rolled over to Monday as well. But at least we have next weekend in which to catch up on some stuff, like boxing up my RPG books and moving them into storage. Yea!