There Is No Spoon

Not much of an update today. I’ve been trying to get Raelene to blog a little, but so far she’s been far too busy too. If you would like to hear from my better half, post a comment saying so. ~smiles~

Baby the Senegal has gone home, so the apartment is a whole lot quieter now. Well, somewhat quieter. Okay, not quiet at all. It turns out Kiwi the Indian Ringneck is a bit of a screamer as well. She’s also a bit of a whistler. For five years I kept the ubiquitous parrot “wolf whistle” out of Zoe’s vocabulary, and Kiwi wasn’t home an hour before Zoe picked it up. Aww well, such is life. If you’re not sure what a wolf whistle is, think of what a sailor or construction worker might sound like as a pretty lady walks by.

My job continues to go well, although Raelene is having some problems at hers. Send her lots of love and encouragement, she needs it right now. ~smiles~ Life at home is pretty quiet. Raelene and I have really gotten into the TV show Heroes, and it’s making me want to dig my Aberrant RPG books out of storage. Not that I’m ever going to play or run Aberrant, but it might be fun to look through and read the books again.

Oh, I almost forgot! I’m an “uncle” once again! My groomsman Will and his wife Carolyn had a baby! Molly Jean was born February 7th, and weighted in at a whopping 10 pounds. Congratulations to Will and Carolyn!

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