Monday Morning

It’s Monday morning, the start of another wonderful week. Raelene and I had another semi-eventful weekend; not too busy, but not too slow either. Saturday evening we had dinner at Breads of India in Berkeley with our friends John and Mimi. I used to work with John down in San Diego, and he now works […]

Happy Humpday!

Happy Wednesday! Things are fairly quiet at the Coburn household at the moment. Well, I guess I should say “uneventuful” because with Kiwi the Indian Ringneck around nothing is every quiet! ~smiles~ I had a lot of fun at the vegan website forums meetup last weekend. The food was great and the people were really […]

Happy New Year!

Wayne and I went to Oakland this evening for dinner at the New World Vegetarian restaurant. The occasion? The first ever Bay Area meetup for folks on the PPK discussion forums. We had about fifteen people total and it was great to socialize with people you only know through a computer screen. The food was […]