Monday Morning

It’s Monday morning, the start of another wonderful week. Raelene and I had another semi-eventful weekend; not too busy, but not too slow either. Saturday evening we had dinner at Breads of India in Berkeley with our friends John and Mimi. I used to work with John down in San Diego, and he now works at the Space Sciences Lab at UCB. The service at the resturant was really poor, but the food was fantastic and the company even better. I know Chicken Tikki Masala was invented by the British and isn’t traditional Indian Food, but damn is it good. Raelene and I really enjoyed ourselves, and we look forward to dinner with them again.

On Sunday Raelene and I took Kiwi, our foster bird, to the Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue adoption fair in San Ramon. The adoption fair was organized by a small handful of Mickaboo volunteers, and was held in the back area of the Pet Care Depot. For an all volunteer organization, I am continually impressed by the people involved with Mickaboo. Robbie Rhodes did a spectacular job of organizing the fair, and it was an amazing success. A large number of people came through to see the birds, far more than the space could comfortably hold, and the event even led to at least two adoptions. That was wonderful to see. Unfortunately though, the fair was way too much for Kiwi. It was too loud, there were too many people, and she sat trembling in her cage the entire time. Poor little Kiwi. Luckily the entire ordeal was only four hours (including commute), and last night she had plenty of time to decompress and relax.

Check out our Mickaboo gallery for pictures of the adoption fair. Just follow the “gallery” link to the right.

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