Commuting Stinks

This morning traffic on I-80 was bad enough that it took the bus over an hour to reach downtown SF. And to add insult to injury, the bus also took just long enough to miss my connection to the Presidio, adding another 15 minutes as I waited for the next shuttle. Yikes. Some mornings the system works well and I barely realize I’m commuting (mostly because I’m reading or asleep). But this morning, well, that was a long trip.

And speaking of commutes, last night was a Transbay Bus first for me. The different bus drivers have different styles, and put different amounts of effort into getting to their destination. Some drivers just sit in the carpool lane regardless of how fast it is moving, and don’t care how long it takes. Other drivers weave through traffic, and even take shortcuts to try and avoid the standard traffic problems. Well, last night I caught the 5:45PM bus home, and in Richmond we were PASSED by the 6:00PM bus on the same line. Wow. I would have gotten home faster if I’d waited at the transbay terminal an extra 15 minutes to take the next bus. Yikes.

Say Hello to More Pictures

The forums might be gone, but the gallery is exploding with new photo albums. Follow the “Gallery” link to the right and see for yourself. Coming soon are more pictures of Zoe, pictures of our foster fids, pictures of the 2006 Holiday season, and more! Enjoy.

Say Goodbye to the Forums

Since my buddy Will was the only person other than myself to ever look at, much less use, the Coburn-Family forums, and because I found gasp spam in the forums this morning, I made the decision to remove them. If anyone can think of a good reason to bring them back, I certainly will. I don’t mind doing the work required to keep a set of forums spam-free if someone out there who’s not a spammer finds them useful.