Four Weeks!

Piper is four weeks old today! My oh my, how time flies.

Overall we are doing okay as a family. Taking care of an infant is never easy, but it’s certainly easier this time around. Piper is sleeping 3-4 hours at a time, which means Raelene and I are tired but not exhausted like we were with Corinne. She also isn’t quite as fussy as Corinne. Piper cries in the evenings, but in general goes to sleep fairly well and reasonably quickly. Of course this is subject to change without notice, but so far so good.

Corinne is adjusting okay. No longer being the only child in the house is difficult, of course, but she is embracing her role in the family as older sister and helper. Corinne also loves her sister, giving her kisses in the morning and evenings and holding her whenever she can. It’s really sweet to watch her with little Piper.

Happy four weeks Piper! Your family loves you so much.