Corinne would like to wish all of you…

…a very happy Honka and a very merry Chrimsus!

Whatever you call it, we hope it’s a joyful one for you and everyone you love.¬† And may the intangible gifts you receive this season be the most cherished ones!

much love,

The Coburns

Happy Solstice!

With a single computer running in the house it’s difficult to keep this blog up to date, but the end of that is near. I can feel it. I hope to have the desktop computer up and running before January 4th. Yes, you can quote me on that and hold me to it. ūüôā

Here are some highlights of the past few weeks. On the 11th I went to Add-on-Con, which was educational and interesting.

On the 13th we drove down to Santa Cruz for some relaxation and a holiday cookie swap party. Yum! So much cookie goodness, and Corinne was a little angel the entire trip.

The 15th was my sister’s birthday. Happy Birthday Marcy! We’re glad you enjoyed your pie plate!

Last Friday Raelene and I went to the¬†Cirque du Soleil show in San Francisco. It was amazing, although I’m a little bummed that we saw a contortionist act instead of the crazy insane¬†trapeze¬†one. But that’s how it goes I guess, and the contortionists were pretty darn amazingly¬†flexible. People shouldn’t be able to bend like that.

On Saturday I ran a CthulhuTech game in a friend’s creepy Berkeley basement, which was a lot of. The game was a prelude to a longer, once-a-month-or-so game I hope to run. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, which is the point. I wasn’t as prepped as I would have liked, but that really forced me to think on my feet and go outside my comfort zone. It was easier than I thought it was going to be, and I think I’ve really hit a new level in my GM’ing. Of course it helps that I was gaming with guys who are amazingly good players.

Sunday evening we took Corinne to Tilden to see the¬†lights at the Carousel. She was tired and a bit cranky, but once we got there she just sort of stared at everything in awe. We didn’t tempt fate with a carousel ride, she was too tired for that. Maybe next year.

Other than the normal Christmas shopping madness, I think that’s it. Happy Solstice!

The Droid has Landed

So Corinne, in her infinite cuteness, created a new game called “throw Mommy’s cell phone on the floor and watch the battery fly out.” It was a fun game, too, or at least Corinne thought so. Raelene and I tried to keep her from playing because it was hard on Mommy’s phone, but a determined 2-year old is difficult to dissuade. The inevitable happened last weekend, and while her phone still worked it was only being held together by a few pieces of plastic case and wires.

So, Raelene and I have new cell phones. To be specific, we both now have Droids. Our contract with AT&T ended last August, and we’d been talking about changing carriers and getting new phones. Specifically we’d been talking about getting Google phones, because we use Google mail, contacts, calendar, docs, etc. to keep track of our lives. It made sense sense to buy phones that would integrate tightly into all of that. I’d been leaning towards the Google G1 phones on T-Mobile, but the new Droids weren’t that much more expensive if you bought them through So I went for it, bought us a pair of Droids, and wow, they are amazingly awesome devices. Wow. Now Raelene can check her email and Facebook on the road or while putting Corinne down for a nap, and type text messages on a keyboard, things I’d been able to do for a while and Raelene was a bit jealous of. Me, I’m happy to upgrade from Windows Mobile 6.1 to something that works.

If you’re wondering, we were able to keep our old cell phone numbers, so there’s no need to update your address book. And if you’re a GMail user and are thinking about a new phone, I recommend checking the Droid out.