Awesome Weekend

The family and I had a pretty darn awesome weekend. Saturday was hot, so we spent most of the day hiding from the heat. In the morning, however, we scored a really nice toy organizing shelf for Corinne thanks to Raelene’s dilligent monitorning of Freecycle. It has a bunch of plastic crates that sit on […]

Instruments of Writing

I made the plunge and bought an inexpensive Lamy fountain pen. I really hate the way the ink flows (or doesn’t flow) in ball point pens, and rollerballs aren’t that much better. So while I’ve been wanting a fountain pen for a long time now, I finally decided to go ahead and spend the $25 for […]

Chiropractors and Vegan Donuts

Raelene saw her chiropractor yesterday, and her back is feeling much better. Hopefully she will be able to make it through the rest of the week okay. Thank you for the healing energy you’ve been sending our way. Last night Raelene and Corinne went to Herbivore in Berkeley for dinner and vegan donuts. Yes, I […]