Good Morning Everyone!

Raelene and I had a fun weekend. Saturday morning we took BART to downtown Oakland for Free RPG Day at Endgame, and managed to work in a little shopping and lunch at Breads of India as well. I picked up a free Trail of Cthulhu adventure, a preview for Don’t Lose Your Mind, quickstart rules for the latest incarnation of Traveller, a quickstart and adventure for Hunter: the Vigil, and a custom Free RPG day Chessex d6. There was a lot of other stuff there as well, but due to limited quantities I tried to only grab the stuff I was most interested in. Overall it was a pretty good haul, and I’m quite happy with what I got. Yea! Free RPG stuff!

And yes, Corinne went with us. And yes, it was her first trip on a train. And yes, she seemed to really enjoy all the new sights and sounds and the world zooming by. She also seemed to really like the game store, and everyone thought she was adorable in her “I am a gamer like my father before me” onesie.

Saturday evening we went to our friends Erica and Pranjal’s house for a “Puppy Shower.” Another friend had recently been given a chihuahua puppy, and so everyone pooled together to get the puppy (Strummer) and her new parents some cool new things. The party was a lot of fun, and Corinne did quite well. She had fun hanging out with all the cool vegans, and ended up falling asleep on her pappa’s chest.

On Sunday, Raelene and I went for a walk by the bay and then took Corinne shopping at Trader Joe’s. She got a bit fussy towards the end of the shopping part, but overall was quite happy hanging out in both her car seat and the moby wrap. I, on the other hand, wasn’t doing all that well yesterday. I think one of the new medications I went on caused my blood pressure to drop too low, and so I was feeling dizzy and faint most of yesterday. I didn’t take it this morning, and feel much better today. We’ll see what the doctor says when I’m able to get into contact with her.

And that’s about it! The Trail of Cthulhu adventure looks really cool, so I am going to try to demo it at Endgame sometime in the next couple of months. It should be fun.

Keeping Healthy

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning, and I’m happy to say I’m doing quite well. She was happy to see that I’d lost 15 pounds since my last visit, and thought all my nerdy printouts of my blood glucose and blood pressure monitoring were really cool and useful. The dosages of two of my medications were modified, and another medication was added. But it’s still early in my treatment, and this is all part of figuring out what’s going to keep me healthy. If I can keep up the exercise, healthy eating, and weight loss, I should be around for years and years to come. 🙂

In other news, last night I played Castles & Crusades at Endgame in Oakland. It was a canned adventure, and we didn’t get very far into it, but I think everyone there had a LOT of fun. I played the drunk Cleric of our Lord and His Spirits (Both Kinds), who staggered around, fell asleep during his watch, and slurred his speech. Like I said, I had a lot of fun, and I think the other players did as well. I also want to thank my wife for putting in an extra long day with the baby so I could have those few hours to play. I hope to repay her with another girls night out, or something similar, here soon.