Happy Leap Day!

Get out your Mariah Carey CDs and party like it’s 1996!

According to leapzine.com, Baby Coburn has a 1 in 1461 chance of being born today. I’d say that unless I go into labor in the next couple of hours, her odds are even worse. Yes, it would be awesome to have a baby with a 2/29 birthday, but this kid is gonna show up when she’s good and ready. Maybe on March 4th.

Get it? March “forth”?

Tons of Blankets

My Mom, who is absolutely wonderful, sewed us a figurative ton of swaddling blankets and burpy clothes. They are warm and wonderful, and cute as heck. One of the patterns even has a little monkey in a diaper. I’m sure they are going to keep the baby warm and happy in the months to come. Thanks Mom!

Oh, and no baby yet. 🙁