Google Chrome

I try not to blog much about work stuff here, but I recently released my first extension for Google Chrome and I’m sort of proud of it. It’s the Alexa Traffic Rank extension, and it allows you to get Alexa metadata about sites that you visit. I advocated for it, designed it, coded most of it, and am now promoting it. It’s my baby. 🙂

As it turns out writing Chrome extensions is amazingly simple. The folks at Google have done a good job making it easy for developers. I have a couple of ideas for things I could code up in my spare time (ha!). In the mean time, two other extensions I really like are the Amazon Universal Wish List and Web of Trust. Also, if you’re still using Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari, I do recommend trying Chrome. It’s amazingly fast, and my current favorite browser.

Father’s Day Weekend

Thanks to Raelene and Corinne I had a wonderful Father’s day weekend. It started off at 5:30AM when Corinne insisted on waking me up to wish me a happy Father’s Day. It was many hours later that Raelene reminded her to say it, but I knew that’s what was in her heart. 🙂

After Raelene got up I took a mid-morning nap while Corinne and mommy made tofu scramble. In the early afternoon Corinne and I went to Endgame and I picked up some Free RPG day goodies. I was able to get everything I wanted, including a couple of the Free RPG dice from Chessex.

For dinner I grilled Field Roast vegan sausage, zucchini, squash, sweet onions, toast, and pineapple for desert. Yum! Corinne played in the back yard while I cooked, which made it even more fun. The dinner was good, and I’m looking forward to grilling as often as I can this summer. I just need to remember to take more pictures.

In the evening I played around with my vegan sausage blog, setting it up with a new theme and playing with the configuration. It’s still not how I want it, but it’s getting closer. I even wrote a very short post.

Happy Father’s Day!

Wayne certainly puts a lot of time and effort into being a great dad, and you can tell that Corinne really loves her daddy. To celebrate the day, we’re planning a special breakfast and giving Wayne time to spend doing things he loves to do. I think he’s planning to make a trip to his favorite game store, spruce up his new blog, and fire up the grill we gave him on his very first father’s day. Not bad, eh?

To Wayne and all the wonderful dads we know, we hope you have day filled with relaxation, laughter, and a chance to reflect on the joys of fatherhood….

Raelene and Corinne