Are you prepared?

In the wake of the recent earthquakes in Okinawa and Chile, I thought I would re-post the link to 72Hours, the City of San Francisco disaster preparedness website. Our disaster kit and plan is in pretty good shape, but we still have some loose ends to take care of. How about you? Do you have a plan?

The Vegan Collection

I just wanted to let everyone know that last night The Vegan Collection issued us a partial refund last night. They gave us back the price of the shoes, tax, and half of the return shipping. They said splitting the return shipping costs was “fair” because although they sent us shoes that were 3 sizes too small, the shoes themselves weren’t actually defective.

To be honest I’m happy we got at least some of our money back. I was expecting them to keep everything. But I will certainly never buy anything from The Vegan Collection again.

This whole thing is sad.

Jamie Oliver Inspiring Change in America

This video helped me appreciate something I took for granted when I was younger. We shopped for our own food and cooked it. I was encouraged to try new foods and I learned how to prepare them. Not all of it is food I’d eat today, but thankfully it didn’t come in a bucket or a flat square box. Processed foods and takeout meals were the exception, not the norm (I distinctly remember asking for a TV dinner once for my birthday). I’m glad I see the value in being familiar with my food and I’m glad I can share this with my daughter. My favorite food as a kid was spinach. What fun to explore and find out what Corinne’s favorites will be! Right now she’s hooked on tangerines and mangoes, and that makes me proud.