A salt on your tastebuds

Wayne and I used to buy all the fancy salts we could find, but over the years we keep going back to certain ones.  Using something other than ordinary table salt is fun, and experimentation might reveal a few favorites of your own. One we really like is pink salt from the Himalayas. It’s a […]

What the fork?!

I no longer hate Brussels sprouts!  For years, I couldn’t stand them even though I kept trying them hoping they would taste good.  I tried them prepared by chefs I trust, and still no luck. I had an inkling that things would someday change when I tried one a few years ago at Millennium and […]

Finding websites about vegan food

I realize this is another technical veganmofo post, but I’m as much of a techie as a foodie. 🙂 the website I work for, www.alexa.com, has a pretty cool feature that helps you find websites about certain topics. This is different from what Google does, which is find webpages related to the keywords you type […]