Things are crazy!

Things are crazy around here, so we probably wont be posting as much as we normally do. But hopefully we’ll have some cool news to announce here soon. Or not. It all depends on how things go, and how the Universe is feeling that day. ~smiles~

Priester’s Pecans?

Today we recieved a box of Priester’s Pecans addressed to “The Coburn Family” with a message of “Merry Christmas,” but with nothing else to identify it. If you sent them, or if you know who did, please let either Raelene or myself know. We would enjoy this wonderful gift a lot more if we knew who it was from and were able to properly thank them.

Back from the Holidays

Hello! We’re back from an amazing and wonderful first holidays for Corinne. The entire family, dog and parrot included, went to Visalia for a couple of days to celebrate Christmas. It was a long drive, so we took advantage of the fact that Corinne goes to bed around 7PM and drove at night. Driving south she got a bit fussy when there was about 20 minutes left, but on the way back she slept through the whole thing. Yea! Traveling with a baby is challenging, but so far we’re doing well.

Corinne had a totally awesome first Hanukkah and first Christmas. Since she sees everything as hers anyway, she didn’t really get the whole present thing. But she got some cute clothes (including an awesome cupcake hat hand made by Grandma Ali) and a huge pile of awesome toys. I think she may have even ripped some paper at some point. 🙂 We now have enough toys to start seriously swapping things in and out to keep her from getting too bored.

Raelene bought me some wonderful gifts as well, including an expansion for the board game Arkham Horror, two pairs of shoes, and a hat. Yes, a hat! I haven’t worn a hat since Corinne was born because my old one fell apart, so it was strange to have one on my head again.

The visit was a good one. We were able to see my parents, my sister and her sweetie, and two of my three brothers and their families. That’s not bad for a single, fairly short visit. 🙂 We also were able to work in a few walks, and I managed to mostly stay away from the sweet stuff. Yea!

There’s certainly more to blog about, but I don’t want to drone on and on. Suffice to say Corinne is going nuts over her new stuff, as well as all the packaging it came in. Happy Holidays!