Happy Birthday Jacob!

Today is our nephew Jacob’s birthday. Happy Birthday Jacob!

Well, it turns out there was some confusion about what day my Don’t Rest Your Head game was supposed to be on, and it turns out the GM thought it was tonight. I had fun hanging out at Endgame last night waiting for the game to start regardless, and luckily my loving wife said it’s okay for me to return tonight to play. Yea! I will try to blog a bit about it tomorrow.

Corinne had a better night than usual last night. Raelene and I were still up every two hours or less. But we weren’t up for long, and the baby did a lot better soothing herself back to sleep. I’ve learned that one night of not horrible sleep means nothing, but I really hope this is the start of her sleeping for longer periods during the night. Six months of being woken up every 2 hours or less is hard on the body and hard on the soul. Heck, at this point if I could count on a four hour block every couple of nights, I would be happy. ~smiles~

Developmentally, Corinne has definitely learned she can reach out and grab things. She’s also learned that she can throw things as well, which is fun until it’s the last clean pacifier that just went skidding across the room and under the refrigerator. It is cute though, I have to admit that. 🙂 The baby is also really enjoying eating “solid” food, even though it does make her a bit gassy and her poop is now a lot more like people poop. Yuck!

Pedestrians Beware!

This morning I was crossing the street in downtown San Francisco when a MUNI (SF Bus) driver ran a red light, honking his horn while scattered the several dozen people in the crosswalk. The driver wasn’t even running a stale yellow light, either. His light had been red long enough for people to fill the intersection. And what made things worse was the San Francisco policeman who was standing across the street at a construction site just stood there and watched the entire thing. Yes, a SF police officer watched idly while a SF City Bus ran a red light and nearly injured a bunch of people. This was almost as bad as the time a police officer at the same location turned his back so he didn’t have to react to a man riding his motorcycle down the sidewalk.

Of course MUNI drivers have a reputation for being ruthless and aggressive. There’s the well documented case of a MUNI driver shutting the door on a child’s foot, and both refusing to stop the bus or open the door before the bus’s next stop. I’ve also witnessed a MUNI driver take advantage of an intersection cleared out to allow an emergency vehicle through, forcing the ambulance, sirens screaming, to stop and let the bus pass. Amazing. Truly Amazing.

Monday already?

Wow, this weekend flew by, and I don’t think either of us were quite ready to face Monday morning.  On Saturday, we went to a picnic being held for Mickaboo volunteers.  We’re a quirky bunch, and everyone loved talking about birds, bird toys, and basically anything having to do with birds.  There was also a raffle to raise money for Oliver, a bird with health problems and very high vet bills.  We won a gorgeous photo of Oliver, which now hangs by my desk, and it feels good knowing that our contribution helped Mickaboo raise $500 for this deserving little guy.  At the picnic, Wayne noticed that many of our childless friends interacted with Corinne as if she was a bird, which was really fun to watch.  As usual, Corinne didn’t mind and loved all the attention.

Yesterday, Wayne’s Aunt Joyce and Aunt Janice came to visit.  They brought adorable gifts for Corinne, and shared lots of stories and photos from when Wayne was a little boy.  Wayne hadn’t seen his aunts in many years, and it was a real treat to spend some time with them.

In addition to our usual errands, chores, and work this week, Wayne is going to a game night tomorrow to play Don’t Rest Your Head.  I’m having lunch with my mom’s group this Friday and hopefully will get to take a walk at the Berkeley Marina tomorrow with one of the moms.  Saturday will be spent in Santa Cruz with family, and it will be great fun hanging out where I used to live.  We have so much to look forward to, which makes the Monday morning blues a little less tough.

We hope that everyone’s week is off to a great start!