Happy Birthday Jacob!

Today is our nephew Jacob’s birthday. Happy Birthday Jacob! Well, it turns out there was some confusion about what day my Don’t Rest Your Head game was supposed to be on, and it turns out the GM thought it was tonight. I had fun hanging out at Endgame last night waiting for the game to […]

Pedestrians Beware!

This morning I was crossing the street in downtown San Francisco when a MUNI (SF Bus) driver ran a red light, honking his horn while scattered the several dozen people in the crosswalk. The driver wasn’t even running a stale yellow light, either. His light had been red long enough for people to fill the […]

Monday already?

Wow, this weekend flew by, and I don’t think either of us were quite ready to face Monday morning.  On Saturday, we went to a picnic being held for Mickaboo volunteers.  We’re a quirky bunch, and everyone loved talking about birds, bird toys, and basically anything having to do with birds.  There was also a […]