We dare you!

Make friends with your inner goblin today! Boo!

And tomorrow, consider participating in World Vegan Day. Can you give up animal products for 24 hours?

If only more things were free…

Wayne and I kept busy this weekend. On Saturday, Wayne spent a couple of hours at the Endgame 6th anniversary party, where he was able to talk RPG with his friends and get a book autographed. I stayed home and took a nap, which is such a thrill. These days, sleep doesn’t come easily. Thankfully, I’m getting a little more rest because of my “new” wedge pillow, which supports my ever-growing belly and takes the strain off my back and hips. The best part is that I got this through freecycle.org, which is a great way to find things you want and give away things you don’t.

Well rested and ready to go, we spent the better part of Sunday in a huge baby store looking at monitors, teeny-tiny hats, crib bedding…and on and on….until we almost collapsed. We couldn’t resist purchasing a few items, such as a bird-themed memory book and some silly bibs. Parenting is going to be hard work, but who says it has to be dull?


Happy Friday everyone!

There isn’t a whole lot to report for this week. Last weekend was the Endgame minicon, and as always it was a blast. In the Seven Leagues game I got to play a talking dog, which was a lot of fun. This weekend is Endgame’s 6th Anniversary Party, and Raelene and I are going to try to attend that. Fred Hicks, author of Don’t Rest Your Head and co-author of Spirit of the Century, has flown out for the party. I had dinner with him, a handful of other gamers, and some of the fine folks from Endgame last night, and he’s a really cool guy. I’m looking forward to having him sign my books on Saturday.

Raelene and our little baby girl are still doing well. She has another routine checkup next week, which I know will go well. ~smiles~ This weekend we plan on going to “Lullaby Lane” in San Bruno. From what we’ve heard, it occupies several warehouse sized buildings and is the largest baby/children’s store in the bay area. That should be fun, if not completely overwhelming.

The budgies are leaving us this week. Their foster Mom is back, so our sitting job is over. I will miss the budgies because they are so cute, although it will be nice to have the house a bit quieter.

Have a great weekend, and be safe.